The Axis of Evil is in the White House... Part 1 By The Mighy Gorg

Just where does it extend and for whose profit?

Today we have George W. Bush and his bunch of hooligans asking for an increase of 120 billion dollars in military spending over the next five years - 48 billion dollars next year alone. The highest jump in military spending since Reaganomics put the economy in the tanks. After all everyone can see clearly how we need more advance weapons to take on terrorists like Al Qaeda and the Taliban. I mean they killed one of our soldiers while we got thousands of them. We actually killed more of our own guys with friendly fire.

The Democrats will all fall in line behind the president because anything that could be even remotely interpreted as being against the war on terrorism would be blasphemy. George W. Bush unfortunately has a high popularity ratting based exclusively on the war on terrorism.

This is nothing more than payback time for the big defense contractors that supported him. It is time to line the pockets of all his and Cheney's friends. Now at the same time all this tax payer money is being funneled toward the defense contractors Bush's tax cut aimed at the wealthy and corporations of $1.35 trillion over 10 years gradually phases in. It is like the big kids raiding the piggy bank. The rest of the kids get left with the broken pieces. Now just were his dead body is "not" going to be when he raises taxes to pay for all this is anybody's guess.

Is it any wonder that the Pentagon spent $500,000 on a military display for the Republican Party convention?

Bush has also called for creating a $10 billion contingency fund for the war on terrorism, which would allow him to spend money on military operations without seeking prior approval from Congress. That's right folks he wants to be able to use 10 billion to conduct wars of his choice without approval of congress. What a surprise King George will make all the decisions.

As the economy teetered Bush found that being attacked by Old Ben Rotten was the best thing that could have happened to him. It gave him strength for his agenda of making the wealthy richer and make no mistake about it that is just what is going on here.

He has already proved that wealthy kids do not need to go off to war hell they don't even need to show up for their cushy National Guard assignments that their daddies get them.

"Make no mistake about it"

Bush and Cheney Suck

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